How Political Views Are Formed Each Generation

Events in each generation form views of life on Political ideology as well as moral values, religion, & philosophy of life

Society has come a long way since our ancient civilization was formed 3000 BCE


 USA society began with constitution in 1789. Change in political ideology began as events occurred by generation. Generation  periods begin from birth but period of making adult social decisions affected changes in society views.

Pioneer generation. 1861- 1890 and 19th century generation 1891-1916 now in history book.  Silent generation 1917-1944, still a few around to share their views with you.  Baby Boomer generation 1945- 1964 are now retiring and learning their spend and enjoy policies cannot be supported in retirement. Generation X 1965- 1983 are realizing the burden of government policies and social decisions are now their burden.

 Millennial generation 1984- 2003 have more information on history to learn the mistakes of past generations. They are learning how the social pyramid has changed. Most are again realizing that Religion and moral values are the guiding wisdom leading society. The government officials are still the administrators of political society, but they represent and can be replaced by the will of society engaged in agriculture by their own choice plus crafts men in their own chosen profession and the merchant who now ply their trade in a world market and see how other societies do not have the same benefits of US citizens.

Also on that same level participating in choosing our government administrators are the Scribe who claim to teach our youth how to prepare to choose their own life path, but their words and writing are now questioned because many are united in a cause to perpetuate their own benefits rather that teaching our young.


The last group of citizens on this level of equality and opportunity are the soldier class who may chose to be a part time soldier or a full career along with our local public safety professions that all citizens hold in high esteem, because they provide security for our families from evil in the local communities or against foreign evil. Below that large equality level that all USA citizens enjoy in one other level. Slaves have long since been emancipated, but those that choose to enjoy the benefits of our American society yet choose not to participate in the responsibility of selecting our government leaders should  be referred to as the slave     As a person learning to be an adult during the silent generation I was taught that the traditions must be respected. As I have grown to my senior years I have great appreciation and respect for those that managed their life path without the tools and benefits that I had available to me. To those who say  enjoying traditions is a conservative value, I will say that "the only lasting tradition is change". The question is how fast should change be and to think first of the unintended consequences of changing ones path.  I formed my life views during the so called Silent Generation period. Now that my generation is departing, I see many failed experiments and changes tried by the "Baby Boomers" that followed our group. I'd like to present some facts and hear opinions from the Millennial generation just beginning to choose their path and from the X generation, (when my children joined the world),since you are groups who must now manage change.

First issue is Government leadership- The silent generation experienced an economic boom and economic recession between 2 world wars. During and after WWII as adults we took over responsibility of US leadership. We managed a cold war with a prior ally of WWII. After President Kennedy was assassinated and Johnson as president decided to wage a war on poverty at home while the Vietnam conflict was mismanage in foreign policy. His war on poverty did nothing to reduce poverty. Studies showed that national poverty in US was 14.7% in 1966, after 50 year of Johnson's experiment poverty was  14.8% .

President Johnson's claim was providing dignity and decency to all citizens by providing needed help from government. The man put in charge of "Great Society Program", Sargent Shriver, said " the government was investing in dignity not doles". The actual result was destruction of dignity in the lives of many families.

The definition of dignity is an individual believing they are worthy of respect for their activity. Teaching one how to get money from government without working destroys incentive,  like free drugs this develops a government dependency that destroys dignity. Americans want ability to earn success for themselves.

Passing a federal policy that destroys the incentive to earn for self and family may provide food and shelter but destroys their dignity and their reason for a productive life. People want a hand up not a hand out. People want to feel needed. Teaching people dependency rather than provide incentive to be a proud provider destroys  dignity and self respect.

Government leaders should have learned that was the wrong solution when federal government 100 years earlier put our native Americans on reservations and said government would care for them. The facts show that since 1965  the number of working age men neither working nor seeking work has tripled from 3.3% in 1965 to 11.6% . The "Great Society Program" was one of those failed experiment by the 60s generation. A welfare to Work "hand up solution" must focus on dignity. 


- Bill Thomas