What Does Freedom Mean?

Each month, Republican volunteers meet many new citizens who want to register as Republican voters on the same day they receive their United States citizen certificates. When asked what motivated them to make the effort to become a U.S. citizen, their first word is “freedom,” followed by “opportunity” and “to seek a better life.

How Political Views Are Formed Each Generation

Events in each generation form views of life on Political ideology as well as moral values, religion, & philosophy of life

Society has come a long way since our ancient civilization was formed 3000 BCE

Another Snowden Emerges - Wikileaks

WikiLeaks has published what it claims is the largest ever release of confidential documents on the CIA. It includes more than 8,000 documents as part of ‘Vault 7’, a series of leaks on the agency, which have allegedly emerged from the CIA's Center For Cyber Intelligence in Langley

The Illusion of Choice

90% of the media is now controlled by just 6 companies.


GOP Leaders Resisting Immigration Reform

Donald Trump’s pledges to deport undocumented immigrants and build a U.S.-Mexico border wall helped fuel Republicans’ surprising election victories, but they now face growing challenges from fellow party members.